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The quality of our products comes from the deep synergy between man and nature, from the meeting of millenary tradition and our expertise. Here, in Imperia and in the whole of Western Liguria, the cultivation of olive trees profoundly marks the history of the territory, becoming the featuring element of the landscape and the cuisine.

Liguria the strip of land between sky and sea where Alberti creates its products. Made with ingredients that are influenced from terraces vertically facing the sea, tortuous creauzas (old narrow streets) and groves of olives trees overlooked by an intense blue sea. A hard terrain, unique land, that provides precious fruits. Read more


Delicacy, tastiness and simplicity are the shades of the genuine taste of our products, to bring to the table the variety of the Mediterranean Diet and the preciousness of the Western Ligurian Riviera.


For 30 years Alberti carefully has selected the best ingredients of the Ligurian tradition following the philosophy that has always distinguished it: the absolute pursuit of the quality. This effort has made us a point of reference for customers that want to choose a natural, delicious and rich of the characteristics flavours of the Ligurian Riviera. Read more

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The journey of “Alberti” brand  is marked by a long process of growth and maturation of the company.

It found so appropriate combination between corporate values and brand Alberti.

Our brand has established itself over time as synonymous with quality, tradition and passion for customer satisfaction.


Jar “Svuota-Facile”

Allows you, without any effort and waste, to taste all this product inside the jar.

Pesto without garlic

We were the first company to bring to market this version of Ligurian pesto. Ideal for those who demonstrate garlic intolerance.


Pay particular attention to the selection of the best raw ingredients and careful processing of the same.


After an accurate analysis on buying behavior of food glass on internet, we have studied with our faithful experts a packaging guarantees to customer a safe shipment with low percentages of creaking!

You will have products of quality in small times directly to your home!!!

All cartons we use for bottles’ shipment have a special external shock absorbers for protection which creates a side barrier against shocks.

For best security we insert another bottom and cap of corrugated cardboard to protect the products.

All cartons we use for jars shipment are particularly resistant against shocks because of significant thickness.

Also the material of internal hive, guaranteed protection.

you will be informed on updates, special offers and recipes alberti, choose the quality

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CipressaSapori Alberti: best gastronomic products of Liguria

CipressaSapori Alberti: tradition, territory, taste and excellence of the best gastronomic products of Liguria, like pesto.


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