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Alberti is born from love for the Ligurian Riviera and its Mediterranean cuisine.

Deep roots bind the company for 30 years to this wonderful stretch of land overlooking sky and sea. For this reason its founder, Remo Alberti, with the help of his partner Giancarlo Lupi, believe in the quality of Ligurian products and grow in the heart of the Riviera ligure di ponente their quality project.

Today we are proud to set the bar for the supply of products of traditional gastronomy in most of Italy, confident that our strength is based on the selection of raw materials and precise workmanship.  Moreover, we take a special care to dress our products with great elegance.

Aspects that combined together are able to lead to a good result: QUALITY of Alberti.

We are able to guarantee our clients a unique experience of taste and passion.


 Liguria is a land that has fascinated poets, writers and artists: a region rich of history and culture, unique landscapes, mountains that plunge into the sea, fishing villages lying along the shore and medieval villages perched on the hills, but at the same time a land “difficult” where it is often complicated to work.

Among the highest mountains and the deepest marine depression, there is a difference in altitude of over 5000 meters. In this physical and immaterial space is all the beauty of Liguria.

An ancient andunexposed land, which is terribly fascinating.

Every city, every village, every small district often has something original that sets it apart.

Imperia, formed by the merger of two existing cities Oneglia and Porto Maurizio, is set on the beautiful coast of the Riviera Ligure di Ponente and framed between the blue sea and the darker colors of the mountains. The town is full of pastel-colored houses and boats moored at the two ports.

But … the treasure of this area is hidden in the hinterland, the area of ​​production of one of the best extra virgin olive oils.

The cultivation of the olive oil and has deeply marked the history of Imperia and Liguria territory: the silvery green of the secular olive trees cultivated on terraced hills (called “fasce” in the local dialect) with characteristic dry stone walls, it is the dominant element of the landscape.

During the months of harvest, the “fasce” come alive: the nets are spread under the olive trees to prevent the precious fruits, falling to the ground during the “abbacchiatura” (picking).

Whole families work to select the Taggiasca quality olives, which once reached the mill, it will be processed with the aim of obtaining the precious extra virgin olive oil.


The story tells that in 1100 the monks of St. Colombano from the island of Lerino, arrived in Italy, bringing with them a precious and delicate olive variety.

The community settled in Taggia attracted by the mild climate, the low temperature range, prolonged periods of sunshine and the proximity of the sea. This made it an ideal place to cultivate olives and so was born the varieties we now call Oliva of “Taggiasca”. That had quality that would then impact on the landscape and the economy not only of the Taggia area, but of the entire Ligurian Riviera becoming the basis of traditional gastronomy, as one of the tastier varieties of olives with a small size.

Since January 1997 the protected designation of origin (PDO) has been set for this crop, linked to an extra virgin olive oil called Riviera Ligure DOP. Riviera dei Fiori”.

The traditional method of harvesting the olive Taggiasca practiced in Imperia expected that fallen olives are gathered before the hand-picked “abbacchiatura” harvest. The olives still on the tree were typically made to fall through the “trappe” and subsequently harvested by hand. The task of “abbacchiatura” traditionally belonged to men, while the collection of ground olives to women.


Ligurian cuisine knows no blandness thanks to the many products of the land and sea explored in an extraordinary variety of recipes.

Every city, every county has developed its own food cultures; between the walls, terraces, gardens or small fields surrounded by woodland, the Ligurian culinary tradition came to life. Every place has been able to create their own unique version of regional cuisine and each community has stamped its own diverse cultural mold.

The result is a remarkable gastronomic heritage, the best Mediterranean diet based on Ligurian extra virgin olive oil.

Along any regional tour the food will be an indispensable feature which demonstrates the different local perspective.

The food in Liguria easily becomes a cultural tourist attraction, sensory element with emotional appeal and great incentive to return time and again.


La tua opinione è importante, facci sapere cosa pensi di noi. Avrai la possibilità di indirizzare le tue osservazioni direttamente alla persona che ritieni di competenza all’interno di Alberti. Saremo pronti a rispondere ad ogni tua esigenza.


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